Snow Tell App Reviews

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Good App that needs outlier data filter

The data plotting is distorted by outliers and data noise like -100F ..or 100 in of new snow. These need to be eliminated from the plots because it distorts the scale making the plots unintelligible.

Needs some beef

Good but I would really like a little more functionality: 1) Ability to display % of normal year/ historic average values. 2) Ability to set user defined new snow thresholds with messaging.

Great snow pack data!

If you want to zoom in on the maps you must use the upper half of the map. Other than the map bug the app is fine. I would like to see more stations in the future because this app looks like it covers about 2/3 of all the stations.

Crashes constantly

I have this app on both my iPhone 4S and iPad (3rd generation). Every time I have tried to retrieve data from any of the states the program crashes. It has not worked properly one time. This app desperately needs to be updated and fixed to work properly!

Does not work

This application crashes every time on the new IPad.

Works great

Works great onmy iphone, How about changing it so that instead of the red dots on the map, it shows a number for 24 hr snowfall? And also if it didnt zoom all the way back out, after I look at a site?

Kinda bland

Needs some settings for map and maybe a favorite tab would be nice

Love it for easy reference

Works great on 4s and ios6. The graphs produced are pretty slick. Easy to see the recent storm events.

Update: wont load data.

Current version with OS 6.02 doesnt seem to be loading data from SNOTEL sites. Just a pop-up screen stating "Couldnt load weather." Before it was a good app for the money, but I wouldnt recommend it in its current state. This app is the only one which displays SNOTEL data graphically. Its a great concept. I recommend this app for all hydrology nerds.

Great, but needs a bit more work.

No crashing for me and loads fine with iOS 6.1.4. I really like the graphs, and this app has a lot of potential. But for this to be truly useful, I need: 1) 24 and 48 hour view (perhaps use tabs or a roller selector?) 2) needs to show wind speed and direction (for some reason only shows this for one of my sites, even though its reported for more) - this is really important info for avalanche safety/backcountry skiers 3) needs to gracefully handle zeros - zeros should be ignored if surrounding data is non-zero. For some of my sites, it shows 50-60" snowfall daily changes and, thus, is useless Minor issues: 1) when going back to the map, it should restore your map position and zoom level - having to rezoom and reposition is a pain 2) seperate map tab for favorites and all sites - I want the map view to only show favorites only when I want to see them - map position and zoom level should not change when switching between tabs

Needs some beef

OK start but needs more functionality. 1) How about favorites? 2) Needs % of normal year. 3) Ability to set user defined new snow thresholds with messaging.

Wont load weather data

Tried several states and sites, and will not load any data. It says weather info not available. Waste of money.

Great app

Looks to be using snotel data but in a much simpler format.


It provides a nice map of the snotel sites but none of the data will load. I want my $1 back!

Thanks Jesse. Hope youll do more

Im happy that Snotel data is reachable with an app. Nice work! Next, Im hoping youll aggregate watershed snow pack data as a percentage of 30 yr avg. the river running community will buy this app once you can tell them how much water is left in the mountains and hence how much longer they get to play on their favorite run.

No faves

Favorites wont save, otherwise good. Nice to have this info in an app.

Great info. App not working so well.

No favorites. Very inconvenient to have to zoom in on the 10000 pins every time I pull it up. Used to work. Great information that has become harder to access.

Great Idea......crappy app

Favorites do not save, and you have to zoom in each time you change locations. I want my $1 back. And they will probably never fix these issues......


Thank you, thank you. Great little app. Best access to snotel data I have seen.


I love the access to the data via an app. I hate the fact the "favorite" option doesnt work. Very annoying and inefficient. Please FIX THIS!!!

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